Sweet LouLou

LouLou EDP by Cacharel | Photo by Jessica Young

Here I am..my first ever trip on my own for a Sunday afternoon coffee.. The sky is murky and dull, all trees stand naked and quiet, but the bar is packed – I was lucky to find a quiet seat by the window, looking out on a golfing green.. I do feel warm and cosy though, even a little bit excited.. I got here by myself!! 🙂

Ever since I came here for the first time Druids Glen captivated me, and I still feel some kind of closeness to it.. it reminds me of someplace but I still can’t figure out what…

So, today is a day for LouLou by Cacharel. Even though the bottle is not as sexy, the juice is worth having and enjoying. As Fragrantica describes it,

Loulou is like intoxicating dark red flower which allures you to the depth of dangerous and dark forest. Yet, it is not possible to resist. It is irresistible and once you are engrossed by its warm scent, you simply have to let go and follow it, you have to pick the forbidden fruit.

Give it a little time to settle on your skin and I am sure it will nicely surprise you 🙂 at some stages this beauty reminded me of a gentle Opium by YSL, then I got slight hints of Sahara by Tom Ford, and the drydown is just gorgeous, so feminine. There’s vanilla, plums, incense, cinnamon, and so many other ingredients!.. I would definitely recommend it for a chilly day / afternoon / evening..

Also, I noticed that older perfumes like this one tend to change / transform a lot as a person’s skin has a way of absorbing the fragrance differently – depending on a time of day or time of year, or a different period in his / her life… Possibly it is because of enormous amount of ingredients in the perfume. But maybe it is not only the perfume that changes…maybe it is us – the build up of our reactions, emotions, and experiences affect that chemistry over time… And then we ‘click’…

So, who knows how LouLou will match with me tomorow.. I love it today! 🙂

Sweet LouLou

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