Hi everyone!

What once started as an innocent desire to smell nice, over the years it evolved into something more magical, far beyond a simple liking… For me it turned into what people call a hobby…And here I am now, writing my first sentences about something what cannot possibly ever be fully explored or understood. Yet, it looks so simple…


It brings joy. It carries memories, and helps to understand or shape the present… It also holds that power of enveloping one into armour, it wraps around like an invisible shield when needed…

That mighty scent! Those luxurious drops of magic can change the World around you in a second…

This blog is going to be a way of sharing with you that little part of my World. 🙂

Every day is different, it has its mood. And so does perfume…

So, I say:

Bonjour, Perfume! Because today is your day.. 🙂

All the best,


Hi everyone!

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